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        The Arts Center at the National Dong Hwa University (NDHU) was established in 2004 under the “Excelling in the General Education of the NDHU in the 21st-Century” program subsidized by the Ministry of Education (Enhancement Program of Fundamental Education in University, 2nd Session). The principal goals of the Arts Center are to (1) organize art exhibitions and performances, (2) arrange arts and culture related courses, (3) invite visiting or resident artists and instructors, and (4) promote aesthetic and cultural developments in the community. Through a variety of art courses and events, we aim to instill the core value in aesthetic cultivation and experience at the University and in the community as a whole.

Our priority is a strong emphasis on the integration and management of artistic and cultural development within the University and the community in order to create stages that fulfill dreams, memories that touch hearts, and resonances that capture imaginations. As a key base for arts education, we encourage artistic development, cultural participation, creative potential, and humanist spirit to enrich every NDHU member’s aesthetic competence for now and the future.


        Art is a creation of human beings; the establishment of artistic atmosphere at the University relies upon all students and faculty. Art attracts us particularly by its human-centered core value covering the creator, the spectator, and also artistic objects that are created or seen. Therefore, with such value in mind, the Arts Center will not only invite prominent artists or groups to the University but also provide support and opportunities for young and emerging artists.

In addition, the Arts Center will continue to serves as an incubation base where humanistic and aesthetic values of the University are integrated in the organization of quality art activities, in the establishment as a comprehensive platform of information in art and culture, in the creation of a base to nurture future artistic talents, and in the development of the University’s artistic groups and activities.